Your Voice, Your Solutions.

Community Mediation DC provides a free mediation process designed to allow all voices to be heard and to empower people to create their own solutions to conflict. We are based in community, we are led by community, and we promise to meet you in yours.


  • Gives voice for people to be heard
  • Creates opportunity to understand each other and to transform your relationship
  • Empowers¬†participants to create their own, long-lasting solutions to their own conflicts


After intake:

"I love your concept of conflict resolution and have great admiration for people like you,who do wonderful, positive things to keep the world a better place. And thank you for acknowledging me. One of my problems in recent years is that I have been treated like I don't exist except when they want to hurt me. Thank you. I do exist and my life does matter!" 

Workplace conflict

"My mediation was supposed to be with my boss, and our team decided to go forward even when she declined to participate.  Mediation helped me feel heard and understood by my coworkers and we left with a solid plan about how to work together even with our stressful boss.  When I called in sick the week after, for the first time I knew my team had my back, and I could focus on getting better without stressing about my work getting done."

Additional Services

Conflict Management Workshops
Basic Mediation Training
Large Group Facilitation